Goods-only lift

ATLAS  industrial goods-only lifts are designed and manufactured according to the various requirements of the setting up. It allows the vertical transfer of all kind of loads, without embarked persons, between several superimposed levels. This equipment optimizes production and storage areas.

Technical informations :

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  • Elevator with columns integrated in a normalized metallic shaft equipped with secured doors.
  • Elevator with columns integrated in a normalized self-supporting metallic and galvanized shaft. Doors with electromechanical interlocks, control box and access ramp. Transfer of loads between the underground and a parking.
  • Inside view of the shaft with door opened and platform in low position.
  • Galvanized safety handrails all around the top of the metallic shaft. Gate with electromechanical interlocks (lifting platform at the lower level).
  • Galvanized protection and gates (2 doors) with electromechanical interlocks and control box (lifting platform at the lower level).
  • Galvanized protection at the parking level. View on the lifting platform.
  • Elévateur à colonnes en cage métallique grillagée autoportante. Porte palière à serrure électromécanique et rampe d'accès. Installation entre un rez-de-chaussée et un plancher métallique.
  • Goods-only lift with double vertical scissors, set in a shaft with two motorized roll doors.
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    ATLAS goods-only lifts can be supplied only with some external equipments or as a complete installation including transport, set up and commissioning.

    •  The standard range of electro-hydraulic elevators with columns is designed to load up to 2500 kg, with platform made to measure up to 2 m² and a stroke up to 14 m. This equipment is suitable for small spaces with or without pit.


    •  The range of electro-hydraulic scissors lifting tables offers a wide choice in capacities and dimensions but less in vertical stokes and pit depth.
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